DIY Spiced Pumpkin Soap

DIY Spiced Pumpkin Soap


  • 2 lb Shea Butter Soap Base (2 pound brick can make between 10 - 20 soaps, depending on the size of the soap you’re trying to make)
  • 2 oz Red Soap Colorant
  • 2 oz Yellow Soap Colorant
  • Soap Mold
  • 1 fl. oz Spiced Pumpkin Fragrance Oil
  • Microwave-Safe Measuring Cup


  1. Slice the soap base into cubes, place them inside a measuring cup, and melt in the microwave in 20-30 second increments, stirring well after each microwave session to ensure that the soap is completely melted. 
  2. When the soap is completely melted, stir in 2 tablespoons of 1 fl. oz Spiced Pumpkin Fragrance Oil and red and yellow soap colorant depending on the desired color (if you prefer a brighter color, just add more colorant until you reach the desired shade). You don’t need to worry about the color coming off on your body in the shower since the colorant is designed specifically for this purpose. 
  3. Pour the melted soap into the soap mold, and allow to sit undisturbed until cool (about 30 minutes or so). 
  4. Allow to sit for an hour or so to harden.
  5. Remove from mold and enjoy!
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