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Aloe Vera Oil Cold Pressed

Aloe Vera Oil Cold Pressed

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Botanical Name: Aloe Barbadensis
Method of extraction: Cold Pressed
Country of Origin: India
Ingredients: Aloe Vera Oil
Color: Pale yellow to golden yellow


Aloe Vera oil is the oil that is obtained from Aloe Vera plant by the process of maceration in some carrier oil. It is not 100 % aloe vera, but a kind of infused oil. The most commonly used carrier oil is soybean oil, although other oils like almond oil or olive oil may also be used. This oil is mostly made up of the carrier oil and some essence of aloe vera. Aloe Vera oil provides brilliant health benefits for the skin, just like the aloe vera gel. Since it is turned into oil, this product has a longer shelf life and can be used even when fresh Aloe Vera plant is not available. Aloe Vera oil is good for treating skin wounds and for scalp conditioning.

Uses and benefits:

1. Massage Oil

Aloe Vera oil can be used as a massage oil. It penetrates well and feels soothing to the skin.

2. Healing Skin Wounds

Aloe vera provides wound healing nutrients to this oil.

3. Dermatitis

Aloe Vera oil is an anti-irritant.

4. Hair Care

Aloe Vera oil can be used for scalp and hair care. It reduces dry scalp condition, dandruff and conditions the hair.

5. Insect Bites

Because of its anti-inflammatory effect, it reduces swelling and inflammation caused by insect bites, like that from bees and wasps.

6. Scars

The oil stimulates the process of wound healing and lowers the formation of scars.

7. Soap/lotion base

CAUTION: Test the oil on your wrist before using it, to make sure that you are not allergic.
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