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Emu Oil Australian Triple Refined

Emu Oil Australian Triple Refined

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Method of extraction: Triple Refined

Country of Origin: Australia

Ingredients: 100% pure Australian Emu Oil



Emu oil has been used for thousands of years by Australian Aborigines due to the benefits it can have on your health.

Emu oil is made from the fatty tissue of the flightless bird called the Emu. Due to emu oil's ability to penetrate the skin and tissue of the body, emu oil can be used to reduce inflammation in a variety of health conditions.

Emu oil also contains:

• Vitamin A, known for its skin repair and anti-oxidant properties
• Linoleic acid, which may help to ease muscle aches and joint pain
• Oleic acid, may help skin cell regenerator and anti-wrinkle agent
• Sapogens, used as skin softeners
• Terpines, known for its antiseptics properties


• Smooth and condition rough elbows, knees and heels
• Soften and moisturize hands and cuticles
• Reduce the itching and flakiness associated with dry skin
• Protect the face and hands from wind and weather
• Reduce the appearance of: scars, burns, stretch marks, wrinkles, sun damaged skin
• Reduce the appearance of damaged skin after injury, surgery, pregnancy and acne

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